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National Animal Health Disease Information System, Managed by Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd.

NAHDIS serves as the centralised system for the collection of information regarding slaughtered, condemned and diagnosed diseases of animals processed by red meat abattoirs residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa as per the standing Schedule 8 regulation of the Meat Safety Act, 2000 (Act 40 of 2000) and its regulations. NAHDIS makes available, to registered users, the facility to access and obtain a variety of reports regarding animal diseases

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About AFS

Agency for Food Safety (AFS) is a privately owned independent company with highly experienced personnel in the meat industry and internationally recognised expertise in Veterinary Public Health (VPH). In order to comply with the requirements of ‘independence’ as required from governmental service provider companies, AFS has no direct or indirect interests in any industry organisation. It currently performs meat inspection, meat classification, food safety audits and structured and customised training in accordance with the various legislation and food industry norms and practices

Consumer awareness with regard product quality has grown in South African in recent years. Legislation exists to provide consumers with the peace of mind regarding quality control on food products.

Proper and accurate surveillance, reliable efficient and diligent recordkeeping is an integral and key component of the food industry. This is important for early warning of disease outbreaks, planning and monitoring of disease control programmes, provision of sound health advice to primary and intermediate producers (both remedial and prophylactic), sound certification of export products to international trading partners and international reporting and proof of due diligent to ensure a peace of mind to the consumer. It is particularly important for emergency preparedness including outbreaks, food of animal origin safety guarantees (local, import and export), food-borne- and zoonotic disease outbreaks.

The independency of the Agency for Food Safety has placed its services in the correct platform for private companies in all sectors of food generation, preparation, service and consumption to partner. The companies’ objective reporting emanates from the root of its independent partnership and that is not associated with any of the companies in the food chain.

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